Pam Baca is now retired and is not accepting new clients. Pam extends her sincerest gratitude for all of the clients that have brought so many great critters into her life over the years. Thank you for your business!

Pam highly recommends her friends and Animal Communicators, Jai or Marianne McKernan, for a consult.


Marianne McKernan


(Pam's dog Sophie, and her cat Annie - All Slideshow Images and Below Image by Alexa Boyes.)


Isla Mujeres Cats Need Help!

When we meet someone that makes such a difference, we want to bring attention to their great work. Click here to read more about Dr. Dr. Delfino Guevara.


Do you ever wonder what your animals are saying to you? Animal communication is very real and there are professionals who will help you connect with your pets to find out what they want and discover what they are trying to tell you, but you can't hear.

Animal communicators like Pam Baca know that most animals are eager to connect with their owners and share their thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. As the number of testimonials indicate, Pam is amazingly successful at connecting with animals on a telepathic level. She does this by using images, emotions, sensations, symbolism, and words.

With Pam acting as a liaison between you and your pet, you can:

  • acquire an understanding of your animal's well-being,
  • ask your pet about specific physical symptoms to assist in their medical care,
  • explain to your animal about a change in the household, such as the arrival of a baby, a move to a new home, or the loss of a loved one,
  • prepare your animal for an upcoming vacation,
  • acquire an understanding of your pet's life purpose and whether it is being fulfilled,
  • learn how to relay your appreciation and love of your pet,
  • ask questions and get direct answers from your animal,
  • understand your pet's feelings about behavioral issues and work together to resolved conflicts,
  • ask your horse if his (her) tack fits,
  • ask your horse how he (she) feels about training/trainer,
  • do all that you can to find your lost pet.

(Pam's Equine Friends, Barnabus and JD - All Slideshow Images by Alexa Boyes.)

Listen to a 70-minute replay of a radio interview with Pam from July 28, 2011.

Read an article about animal communication in the January 2, 2010 Denver Post:
"Pet owners seek psychic link through animal communicators."


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My husband and I were faced with one of the hardest decisions in our life, if putting down our 13yr. old precious English Setter was the right thing to do.We knew he was in pain and not getting better.

As a last resort I called Pam Baca. I never had an experience with a animal communicator before, so I didn't know what to expect.
Pam was our saving grace.Her compassion and patience were a true comfort. The information that "Riley" conveyed with her was spot on.

My husband (a true skeptic) was amazed. There was no possible way for her to know the things she was telling us. she was communicating with Riley!

Pam is a genuine animal communicator and an absolutely wonderful woman. I can't express enough what a God send SHE was. Thank-you God for giving Pam this gift and thank-you Pam for sharing it so willingly.

Sincerely, Cheryl Cloud

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